• "Hi my name is Hawley Awad and I have been wearing Soless Visors for many years now!! I have fair skin and its important to me to keep my skin healthy and young. I am outside riding almost everyday so wearing the Soless Visor has just become part of my wardrobe!! I love the face that I can do dressage, hack out, jump, and even practice cross country with it on. With its unique clip that attaches to your helmet, it secures that the visor so it doesn't blow off!"

    Hawley Awad, 2012 Olympic Eventer

  • "As a horsewoman I spend countless hours outside under the sun. It dawned on me how dangerous the sun can be when my doctor found early stages of cancer on my bottom lip due to exposure of outdoor elements when I turned 30 years old. Since then I have been adamant about sunscreen, sun shirts and my SoLess Visor. What’s more is that because the Visor is “see-through” it makes navigating my jumping courses or my diagonal in the dressage ring easy as opposed to blocking my view. Whether I’m schooling at home or at a show I never am riding without my Soless visor."

    Laine Ashker, 5* event rider

  • "Soless Visors are a part of my everyday riding attire because of their style and usefulness. Being out in the sun all day makes me so appreciative of the visor's shade, keeping me cooler and protecting my face from sunburn. I love the design of the visor: having the helmet clip keeps it in place in even strong winds. I don't ride without one!"

    Taren Hoffos, Copper Meadows Eventing

  • "I love my Soless visor! The two main reasons why I think this is the best visor on the market is because it stays on (even when I’m galloping and jumping), and because you can see through the visor so that your vision is not compromised. This is truly the best visor out there!"

    Allison Springer, 5* Event Rider & Clinician

  • "The Soless Visor is a must have, especially for someone like myself that rides 5-7 horses a day in Southern California. The visor clip that holds it onto the helmet sets it apart from other visors because I never have to worry about it falling off. I have very sensitive skin and try not to put sunscreen on my face because it clogs my pores, so the Soless Visor is something that I adamantly wear every day. I never get sun burnt on my face which is going to keep my skin looking young for years to come. The fact that it’s see through is also great because I never feel like my vision is impaired while riding. It’s light weight and durable, so I don’t even notice I’m wearing it, and it lasts for a very long time, even with consistent daily use. I even wear it when it’s raining because it keeps the rain off of my face. The different styles and designs are fun to match with your helmet or ear bonnet and leave you looking sophisticated and classy. If you are looking for a visor, the Soless Visor is an obvious choice and has been my go to for the last 8 years."

    Lindsey Smith, Renegade Equestrian

  • "One of my favorite things I ride with is my Soless Visor. My skin is important to me and knowing I can protect it from the sun as well as extreme weather without having to worry about it obstructing my vision or being bulky is a game changer. This visor is lightweight, stylish and secure which makes for a perfect addition to my daily riding routine."

    Tamie Smith, Next Level Eventing

  • "Soless Visors assure I can keep the sun off my face & neck. They are easy to attach to my helmet and are made to last! I would highly recommend them!"

    Frankie C

  • "I love my Soless visors! I'm very conscious of sun protection and am confident every time I ride that I am protecting my skin. Also, with the clip I never have to worry about my visor flying off while riding on windy days or jumping!"

    Isabella A

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