Q: What helmets are compatible with Soless™ Visors?

A: Soless™ visors stay securely attached to helmets because of the Soless™ Visor Clip. In order for the clip to stay on, helmets must have a brim. Helmets should have brims 1 1/2" or greater. Soless™ Visors are compatible with helmet brands such as Samshield, GPA, Charles Owen, One K, KEP Italia, Antares, and more. If you are unsure if a Soless™ Visor and clip would fit on your helmet, please fill out the contact form under "Contact Us" with the specific model of your helmet and we will let you know.


Q: Can I jump or gallop with my Soless™ Visor?

A: Yes! Soless™ Visors come with a Soless™ Visor Clip that attaches to the visor and brim of your helmet to ensure the visor will stay put while riding, even while jumping or galloping. 


Q: Are Soless™ Visors patented?

A: Yes! Soless™ Visors are patented under U.S. Patent #9226538.


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Returns are accepted as long as the protective film has not been removed and the clip is returned with the visor. Refunds will be issued after we have ensured that the film is in tact and the clip is returned.


Q: The visor's film is bubbling, what do I do?

A: This is the protective film that is used to keep the visors from becoming damaged during shipping. It is recommended that the film is removed after purchasing as it does tend to bubble. 


Q: What is the difference between the Velcro visors and the Classic visors?

A: The Classic visors include the Soless Classic, Gold, and Silver visors. These have a clip closure that allows for easy adjustment of the visor and a superfine mesh layer to protect the UV protective polycarbonate film. The Velcro visors are economical visors that fasten with Velcro and are not exclusive to helmets, i.e. they can be worn without a helmet. Velcro visors do not have a superfine mesh layer to protect the UV protective polycarbonate film, but they still feature the same 92% UV protection as with the Classic visors.