About Us

Our Story

Soless was created in 2008 by long time rider and horse enthusiast Heivi Kim. She recognized the importance of skincare and sun protection, especially while riding. She wanted a visor that would not block her vision while riding, and one that would provide superior protection from UV rays. With this idea, Soless was born. For the last decade, riders all over the world have turned to Soless to provide excellent sun protection and a transparent brim that ensures their vision will be uninterrupted during rides.

Our Visors

All Soless visors are 92% UV resistant, making them a great addition to a rider's defense against the sun's harmful rays. The brim of a Soless Visor is transparent, allowing riders to have an unobstructed field of vision while riding. In addition, all Soless Visors come with a Soless No Fly Visor Clip that connects the visor to the brim of the helmet to ensure the visor will stay put, even while jumping and galloping. Cross country, dressage, and hunter jumper riders alike trust Soless to protect their skin and stay secure, even on the toughest rides.