Soless™ Velcro - Black

  • $54.99
Velcro Closure
Clip Included

The unique patented design of Soless Visors features a transparent brim with 92% UV protection. Soless Visors have a UV protective polycarbonate film that provides a full spectrum of sun protection, ensuring the ultimate shade for your face and neck. Riders can enjoy excellent sun protection and maintain their peripheral vision with the transparency of the brim. 

The Soless Velcro Visors are the economical alternative to the original Soless collection, incorporating a Velcro closure that can be worn without a helmet. The lightweight design with adjustable straps easily attaches to your helmet with the included Soless Visor Clip. This patented design safely and securely fixes your visor to your helmet for all your riding needs - through windy weather, rainy days, over jumps and even while galloping! 

Soless Visors are compatible with most helmets that have a brim. All visors come with a protective film that can be removed after purchasing.